About Us

Dignified Services provides logistical services to Funeral Directors.  Our company only works with funeral homes and licensed Funeral Directors thus making our services available to the trade only. Services provided include:

We are here 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Call us at 404-857-3700.

The first contact with our families is invaluable. Michael, on behalf of all of us, be sure to thank your team.Al H.Funeral Director / Manager
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team on your removal service. The family of (intentionally deleted) came in today to complete final arrangements. The daughter was very complimentary on your removal team, she told me they were very professional, dignified, and very elegant and gentle in their movements with her mother. She and her husband were very impressed. Thank you so much. Our first impression with our families’ set the course for the rest of the time we…Daniel P.Funeral Director
I wanted to let you know that I have received positive feedback from my client families and hospice nurses. Maureen was impressed by your removal technicians. She really appreciated the calls back on ETA for the removal.   The (intentionally deleted)  family was really impressed on how respectful the removal went from them.  Even (intentionally deleted) Funeral Home, independently owned/operated, was impressed by the removal crew and how efficient they are. Thank you for having a top notch…Bianca M.Funeral Director
Good Morning, Jose was given a nice compliment by the family of Mr.(intentionally deleted). Friday, June 22 at Hospice Atlanta. His actions and compassion shown to the family had a very good impact. A THANK YOU, to him and your whole team!!! LawrenceLawrence C., Funeral Director
Thank you so much for Mr. (intentionally deleted) DC's.  You're the best!Cora C.Office Admin
Dignified Transport made a removal of Mrs. (intentionally deleted) , 104, from Meadowbrook Nursing Home in Tucker.  This dear lady was the grandmother and mother of friends of mine from church.  I have to share with you what they told me about the removal process.  They said Alex was the kindest, gentlest man and he was "very sweet with my grandmother and we will always be grateful for this and will remember this". WOW,  they raved on quite a while.  Give our thanks to the whole team…Norman B.Funeral Director
The family of Col. (intentionally deleted)  wanted me to give high praise to the removal team that helped her when her father died.  She said he was the calming, comforting force that made her realize she could handle this.   Thank you from me as well as  the family.  Carrie D.Logistics Manager
As an over night staff chaplain in an acute care facility, the ancillary “behind the scene” services at the time of death often go unnoticed and under-appreciated. At the time of death, the services of the medical care team defer to those of the aftercare organizations. Their (Dignified Services) efforts rendered for the patient and loved ones are vital and indispensable. I work with many of them in the  local area I have always found that Dignified Services distinguishes themselves in the…Greg P.Senior Chaplain
The family of (intentionally deleted) removal wants to thank our removal team for how respectful they were. They were very impressed with our company.Teisha C.Funeral Director
Just wanted you to know that I have received wonderful  compliment. The (intentionally deleted) Family just loved the care and compassion you put into the removal. They said you were one of the sweetest people they have ever encountered. The family was very impressed with the way you carried yourself. Keep up the good work!  Bianca M.Funeral Director
Michael, I met with the family of  (intentionally deleted) today. The husband commented on his satisfaction with the removal team. It was a sensitive situation because he has small children. He was very happy with the level of professionalism and sympathy. Please pass on the praise to your team. Tiffany H.Funeral Director
(Intentionally Deleted) family says the removal personnel were extremely nice; so a big thanks!!!Sidney G.Funeral Director
Hi, The staff on the removal for (intentionally deleted), did a good job.  His wife was in a surprised state, that she was allowed to see him before leaving the home.   Please...continue the great practice of offering a last kiss/view to the family.